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Beauty care

Beauty care

Beauty is based on a combination of internal beauty (including psychological factors) and external beauty (physical attractiveness, which includes physical factors). With the passing of time, the body undergoes a series of changes both external and internal that we must address to maintain its beauty.

  • oligo


    The clinical solution to cellule

    Oligo.DX® is a gel that rapidly acts in the area where there is cellulite. The innovative transportation system of Oligo.DX® takes the active ingredients to the skin layers where cellulite is formed. Oligo.DX® penetrates and dissolves the cellulite nodules and localized grease. It has a cleansing and detoxifying effect that improves the overall quality of the skin without the need for expensive treatments. Week after week, skin texture improves and it appears more uniform and the size of the area treated reduces.

    It contains a large number of active ingredients, notably caffeine, which helps reduce the adipocytes in the upper skin layers along with increasing blood circulation. Another active ingredient, ivy extract, has an anti-inflammatory action, and the TEA-hydroiodide helps drain the toxins and reduce the edema. Moreover, the latter increases lymphatic drainage.

    A single application per day is enough, thanks to the nanosomes that continuously release their content for 24 hours.

  • spectral_lash


    Eyelash growth booster

    Spectral.LASH ® is a clinically tested dermatological treatment that embodies the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth with a revolutionary state of the art technology.

    It is a booster for eyelash growth with an innovative complex of peptides that ensure longer and more abundant eyelashes in four weeks.

    It’s suitable for the treatment of hypertrichosis or deficiency in the length, quantity and density of eyelashes.

    With Nanosome Delivery System® that increases absorption and offers better results in a shorter time. It contains a large amount of active ingredients such as adenosine, which thickens and stimulates hair growth (it prolongs the anagenous phase and decreases the telogenous phase). Spectral.Lash® contains a Vitamin complex to protect and stimulate the emergence of new eyelashes and a peptide complex that stimulates the expression of keratin genes to foster their growth. A safe formula without Bimatoprost or Latanoprost.